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Dublin is capital city of the Republic of Ireland, beautiful, lively capital is friendly for a large city. It’s a place of decadence, revelry, and it packs quite the alcohol-soaked punch if you plan to spend it drinking in the world-renowned city pubs. However, there’s more to Dublin than a keg of Guinness. In fact, the city boasts a rich music, art, culture, and literary history that is still alive today. There is lots to see, Dublin Castle, Christchurch Cathedral, the city’s numerous parks, and Trinity.

It is estimated that 50% of the city’s residents are under-25 years of age.

If you’re hoping for fancy traditional cuisine in Dublin, then don’t get your hopes up. Irish food is all about stews and potatoes. A particular traditional dish most would know of is a shepherd’s pie. You’ll also find that pride is held in the alcoholic Guinness beverage which is used in a number of traditional dishes.

The Average 25 Year Old Dubliner still lives with his/her parents preferring to spend their money on fast cars and clothes rather than a mortgage.

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What does Dublin cost?

Restaurant Prices in Dublin are 20.76% higher than in Sydney

Groceries prices in Dublin are 5.19%% lower than in Melbourne

Take a taxi from 1.91 AUD per kilometre
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One way ticket in local transport is 4.09 AUD

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