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Johannesburg, South Africa's biggest city and capital of its inland Gauteng province, has a rich history of Gold mining, a history which lead onto the naming of the city with its name today. Due to infrastructure and the apparent city landscape, the city is referred to by many as the African economic powerhouse. Located on a Gold Mine, everyone who goes to Johannesburg wants a taste of Gold Reef City, a huge amusement park with things to do for anyone of any age. Other attractions include the Lion Park, The Cradle of Humankind, and any Beer lover’s favourite, SAB World of Beer.

Johannesburg founded on 4th October 1886 during the gold rush period. Despite this fact, it is the youngest and newest cities in the world after Cairo.

When you’re in Johannesburg, you’re sure to find all the Eastern franchise food chains, but must try the exotic Indigenous and traditional South African Cuisine there. Dishes to try include Amanqina, Boerewors, Frikkadel, and Pap. Make sure you indulge in some traditional Rooibos tea while you’re there too.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital Johannesburg is the biggest hospital in the world. It has 3,200 beds available for its patients.

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What does Johannesburg cost?

Restaurant Prices in Johannesburg are 54.43% lower than in Sydney

Groceries prices in Johannesburg are 55.60% lower than in Melbourne

Take a taxi from 0.88 AUD per kilometre
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One way ticket in local transport is 1.31 AUD

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