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Oslo is the capital and most populous city in Norway. Oslo is where Mother Nature has created one of her finest works of art. Against such a wonderful natural canvas, it's easy to forget that man can also be artistic, and many a visitor has been left surprised to discover that Oslo is home to world-class museums and galleries rivalling anywhere else on the European art trail. But even here Mother Nature has managed to make her mark, and Oslo is fringed with forests, hills and lakes awash with opportunities for hiking, cycling, skiing and boating. Add to this mix a thriving cafe and bar culture, top-notch restaurants, nightlife options ranging from opera to indie rock, and a large and visible immigrant community who add their own colourful touch to the city and the result is a thoroughly intoxicating place in which to forget about the fjords for a while. The Norwegians are some of the most hospitable people in the world and a tourist will never fail to get mesmerized by the beauty of the city. If you want to visit Norway, start with Oslo.

According to UN, Oslo and by extension Norway, is the best place to live in the world. It has the highest Human Development Index and the lowest unemployment rate in the world.

Oslo is the home of the Nobel Peace Prize, which is awarded each December in the City Hall.

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What does Oslo cost?

Restaurant Prices in Oslo are 58.86% higher than in Sydney

Groceries prices in Oslo are 21.91% higher than in Melbourne

Take a taxi from 2.45 AUD per kilometre
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One way ticket in local transport is 4.74 AUD

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